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About Us

The MAIN STREET HARDWARE team has the product knowledge, technical skill and experience to help you improve your business.

Our experts can address your business needs on a regional and industry-specific level. We work closely with you to determine your needs, then collaborate with your team to define and map your processes. This joint effort delivers a world-class solution that makes a bottom-line difference.

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Main Street Hardware has been a family owned and operated fixture in downtown North Andover since 1959. Many changes have occurred since the doors first opened on that bright sunny morning in May, but one thing has stayed the same, our steadfast commitment to unparalleled customer service. We think of you as part of the family (just don't ask Uncle Bob to lend you any money, he's tight as a wood screw in rock maple) and as such we treat you like family, if you need something to make things right on the job or at home then come by and see us. If your vac is broke then let us have a look, why if you decide not to fix it then that's just fine too we sure won't charge you just for lookin, we wouldn't do that to family don't matter what make or model we can fixem all. Did that little youngin of yours toss his baseball through the window? No problem, we'll fix it right up with either glass or safety plexi glass. How 'bout that screen? Bugs still come in? Don't let em bug you any more we can get that fixed up in two shakes. Here's a good one, we now have a screen that your cat or dog or youngin just can't rip! That's right, come on by and see it right outside our door we got a special display to show you how tough it is (tougher than Granny's laundry after a good starchin') you will be amazed.

Whatever you need just come by and see us, if we don't have it we'll special order it, we we can't do it we'll tell you does, if we can't help you... well don't worry that will never happen because at Main Street Hardware you're part of the family... now stop by and visit real soon.